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There are a variety of things on this website, from articles on self-help for people with emotional or relationship problems, to interviews with people about how they cope with problems that you can actually hear, to links to information about scam artists and the like, warning people of what to beware of and how to avoid being conned, to Bible topics, to Humour.

This website is split into two main sections:

An open bible


If you have a problem affecting your mental health or relationships, like depression, an anxiety problem such as excessive worrying, panic or a phobia, if you have any kind of addiction, if you have marriage problems, difficulties raising badly-behaved teenagers, or if you have anorexia or you self-harm, if you have problems controlling anger, difficulties coping with unemployment, a life-threatening illness, problems recovering from the trauma of sexual abuse, coping with bullies in the workplace and at school, or if you're grieving for someone you were close to or lonely, and you'd like some ideas on dealing with the problems, visit our
Self-help series.

Audio content

Section 1: People's Concerns

This is the human interest section

Section 1 features sound files and links to articles on topics of human interest. These sound files will hopefully be of benefit to people, and most pages feature links to other websites where people can find resources that could help them with problems related to the topics featured in the sound files.

Section 1 also features the self help series, where articles include:

To find out what else is in the series, visit the Free Self-Help to Recover From or Cope With Some Problems.

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Sound files include interviews with people who talk about their experiences of and/or ways of coping with...

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Over 100 pages full of bible quotes:-

What the bible says about various issues

Bible passages, related links and people's Christian stories

Christian symbols

A bible

Section 2: Bible Topics

The Beauty of the New Testament's Moral Teaching and Other Important Pages on this Website

Are you up to trying the challenges of the Bible's moral guidelines for Christians, and would you like to know more of what it says about the love of Jesus?

The section of this website on the Bible features information on:...
The Holy Spirit
Jesus' claims about himself, and his teaching


Sex, marriage and child-rearing
Cults, unhealthy variations of Christianity, and psychic phenomena

Read most of the Bible in four months on this website!

Would you like to read the bible easily because it's laid out according to topic?
If you read just one of our web pages of Bible quotes a day, you can read nearly the whole Bible in four months!
Having said that, unless you've got a specific reason to want to know what it all says, a better thing to do is to read the most important bits of the Bible regularly, mainly the bits on the way Christians ought to live, since it's common to need reminders of what the highest ideals are, and actually, most of the Old Testament is almost utterly irrelevant for Christians, and contains a lot of nasty gruesome bits it can be best to avoid. Anyone who really wants to know more about them can visit articles such as these:

This site includes information that explains some things in the Bible that some people find problematic and Links to answers to critics of the Bible and Christianity.

If you're feeling a bit depressed, you may find some of the content on some of the pages in section 2 like those quite upsetting or too complex to concentrate on. It's normal to find it difficult to concentrate when depressed and it should pass; but if you're feeling like that, it might be best to visit the self-help articles in section 1 first.

The Bible passages here have been put together in such a way as to make it easy to find out more-or-less everything the Bible says about important topics and others, so people can quickly inform themselves more about it. Where teaching on particular subjects is in several different parts of the Bible so you might never find some of it, I've put it all together in one place. I've used modern translations, so the quotations will not be full of words that will be out-dated or hard to understand. I have not added anybody's personal theological opinion to most of the pages made up of Bible quotes. I put the Bible passages together so people can easily find out what the Bible says, - people who might otherwise be misled by inaccurate teaching or who don't realise how much the New Testament says about everyday situations, or who've never been motivated to read it much in the past and so don't know how interesting it is. This section is also aimed at people who may not have the chance to read a Bible themselves, as they live where Christianity is illegal and thus Bibles are not freely available. --- Diana Holbourn, Site Owner

If we've given you the impression that we don't believe in fun on this website, that's not true; if you feel in need of a bit of light entertainment, you can find some here on our jokes pages, the first of which is Christian Jokes.

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