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Interviews with people about their experiences of bullying, cults, agoraphobia, student life, mild hypothermia, sight loss, cycling hazards, and how they have dealt with them.

These audio interviews will hopefully be of benefit to people, and there are links with them to other websites where people can find resources that could help them with problems related to the topics featured here. For instance, on the page leading to a sound file about the dangers of cults, there are links to more information about them. --- Diana Holbourn, Site Owner

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If you have a problem affecting your mental health or relationships, like depression, a phobia or another anxiety disorder such as severe worry, marriage problems, raising difficult teenagers, coping with bullies in the workplace or bullying or teasing at school, suffering with an eating disorder, controlling anger, recovering from the trauma of sexual abuse or domestic violence, grieving for someone you were close to, or if you're suffering a similar life problem, and you'd like some ideas on coping better or overcoming it, visit our Self-help series.

Importance Of Reflective Cycling Gear
(Duration: approx. 2 minutes)

"Had I not had those on, the car would have had to brake very sharply and may well have hit me"

Cured Of Agoraphobia
(Duration: approx. 2 minutes)

"After that, we built it up to going to one shop ... and built it up to two shops ... and then back home. And gradually I became all-right again and managed to get out."

Getting The First Stages Of Hypothermia While Mountain Climbing In Early September
(Duration: approx. 3 minutes)

"I did have a jumper in my bag but foolishly I never put this on"

Becoming a Victim Of Mind Control - Getting Involved In a Cult
(Duration: approx. 9 minutes)

"It then took me eleven months to recover from just two and a half weeks' involvement."
--Ian Haworth, ex-cult member and founder of the Cult Information Centre

Dealing With School Bullying
(Duration: approx. 6 minutes)

"The headmistress there decided that I would end up putting matches in boxes, and she wouldn't let me take my O Levels. She was actually worse than all the pupils because of downing me all the time, making me out to be a failure, which I'm not, because since I left I've got my NVQ level 1; I've got my RSA Audio Typewriting; GCSE French, grade A, ..."

University Life - including the fun side.
Could encouraging people to stay on at school like this be a cure for truant and misbehavior in school in some cases - incentive rather than coersion?
(Duration: approx. 30 minutes)

"University is one of the best places you can go"

Coping With Sight Loss
(Duration: approx. 20 Minutes)

"You do learn in time that you have to walk slower; you have to approach things with a carefulness that you're not going to hurt yourself"

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