Bible Quotations, Articles About Alleged Inaccuracies in it, And Stories of People who Became Christians

This is part 3 of 3 in a series about Bible topics. Main themes include the life of Jesus and some of his teaching, instructions on the way Christians should live, and the very first Christians.

Bible Part 1: Bible Quotations, The Holy Spirit Today, People And Their Stories
(Bible topics include the story of Jesus, sex and marriage, violence, anger and jealousy, whether Christians should get drunk, gossip and tell dirty jokes, and some of the reasons why Christians suffer.)

Bible Part 2: The Lives and Suffering of the Ancient Israelites, The Book of Revelation, And People's Religious Experiences Today
(Bible Passages are mainly taken from the Old Testament.)

Silhouette of a mother and child
Having Trouble Disciplining Children?


This page links to selections of Bible passages on topics such as what Jesus and others said about caring and prejudice, the miracles, death and resurrection of Jesus, what the Bible says about the first Christians, how the Bible says Satan operates, and false Christian teaching.
There is also an article here about scientific findings that seem to fit far better with the Bible stories of the creation of the first animals and humans by God and the flood in the time of Noah than they do with evolution.

There are also links here to articles about the evidence for the accuracy of the Bible and God's existence, supposed contradictions and errors in the Bible, interesting stories of people who became Christians - some renouncing atheism or risking persecution for it, stories of people who went through other poignant experiences such as breaking away from harmful cults and other organisations, and information on cults, psychics, and churches that distort Bible teaching or do questionable or harmful things.
I have chosen these articles with care. However: please heed a Caution against believing everything.

Dove and shining light

What The Bible Says About The Life-Changing Power Of God's Holy Spirit

Is Evolution Wrong???
Evolution steps from monkey to man

The Christian Fish

Jesus Christ, His Instructions To His Followers And Others About The Way They Should Live, And Other Bible Teaching About The Way Christians Ought To Behave

Links To Stories About Being Freed From Psychological Problems:

Links To Stories Of People Who Became Fulfilled In God:

A dove with a twig

The Life, Death And Life Again Of Jesus Christ

Links To Medical And Historical Information About Crucifixion:

A crucifix

Links To Stories About Jews Who Became Christians:

Links to Stories of Former Atheists Who Became Christians:

The First Christians

Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ, the Reliability of the Bible, and the Existence of God:

For more links like these, please visit the section: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible on the page, "Links to Answers to Atheists, Theological Liberals and Other Bible Critics".

A Bible

Answers to Claims of Errors, Immorality and Contradictions in the Bible:

For more on this topic, visit the section Answers to Claims of Errors, Absurdities and Contradictions in the Bible on the page, "Links to Answers to Atheists, Theological Liberals and Other Bible Critics", where several other topics are also discussed.

Jesus' Prophecies About The Coming Persecution Of Christians, And The Persecution Of The Apostle Paul

Links To Stories Of Modern-Day Persecution Of Christians:

Information On Men Who Are Thought To Have Known Jesus' Apostles Or To Have Known Others Who Did:

Things To Take Seriously And Watch Out For

Common Sins Among Christians:

Links To Information On Cults, Organisations and doctrines That Distort The Bible, And Experiences Of Ex-Members:

Links To Information About Bizarre Things Going On In Some Christian Churches:

Links To Articles On Psychic and New Age-Type Beliefs And Practices From A Christian and Sceptical Perspective:

Links To Testimonies From Former Followers Of Eastern Religions And Occultic And New Age Practises who Believe They Experienced the Supernatural:

How The Bible says the Devil and Demons Can Operate

The Story Of A Person Who Had A Sexual Occult Experience:

Links to Stories from People Who Gave Up Sinful Lifestyles to Become Christians:

The Controversial Topic of the Bible and Homosexuality

Links To Stories From People who Claim to be Former Homosexuals:

Note: Some homosexuals have become discouraged because they have been taught they have to change their sexual orientation to be acceptable to God and yet have been unable to do so. But the Bible doesn't say that's a requirement.

Stories of Gay Men Who Found They Couldn't Change and Now Believe God Doesn't Want Them To:

Science And The Bible

Noah in his Ark!
Wow! Who would have thought it?... Science That Backs Up the Bible and Opposes the Theory of Evolution.

Note: While it's interesting to look at alternative viewpoints to the conventional scientific teaching on evolution, it must be remembered that, along with the related Bible quotations, they're linked to here simply for educational purposes - it's important not to be dogmatic about them, or to view such things as necessary to a Christian faith. The Bible often only gives us sketches of the bare outlines of things it says happened, and so an overly-simplistic view of what may have happened in the dim and distant mists of prehistory may lead to a complete and unnecessary rejection of faith because of disillusionment if a more complex understanding of what can currently be pieced together by scientists is gained. Also, medical techniques have been developed using the particular evolutionary principles that have been demonstrated to exist, - (which doesn't mean it's finally been decided that bacteria are our ancient relatives after all, but that change within certain species has been observed to happen - something not many people would deny). Those evolution-inspired medical techniques are actually helping mankind. That of course is the main goal of Christianity, so those developments are in line with it. Thus, it would be wrong for anyone to reject evolutionary principles wholesale. For a description of some exciting new medical and other developments, see: Evolutionary Biology: Technology for the 21st Century.

Stories of Christians who are and were Scientists:

Response to the Claims that Earlier Christians Repressed Science and Learning:

History, Archaeology And Science:

Select Your Own Bible Passages Or Topics For Study At Other Sites:

Clean, Reasonably Tasteful Jokes That Don't Belittle Any Group

The christian “Fish”

Bible Part 1: Bible Quotations, The Holy Spirit Today, People And Their Stories
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